Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage


Movement Mortgage was created in 2008, amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history. I had the opportunity to work with the awesome Movement team on a variety of projects that included illustration, conversion funnel, to landing pages.

Single Property Templates

The goal & challenge was to get leads for loan officers and real estate agents, so that they could make better decisions on potential growth. Loan officers can now connect and help guide future homebuyers. We made wireframes & visuals that helped get those results, as well as communicated the vision. We provided the loan officers and real estate agents with 3 different templates, in order for them to change out the hero experience for potential clients. The content below the hero would not change but the loan officer or real estate agent can add or take away some resources.

Wireframe – 01/03

Wireframe – 02/03

Wireframe – 03/03

Visual – 02

First Time Homebuyer

The goal & challenge was to help guide potential first time homebuyers with the step-by-step process. To make it simple and easy to understand how to become a first time homebuyer, we created a landing page, series of emails, social media content, and a conversion funnel.


Some emails and social

Conversion Funnel – A series of short questions to help loan officers and real estate agents learn more and guide potential clients.

Movement School

Movement School is a new public charter school and its mission is to help more families break the cycle of poverty. I had the opportunity to help the team with an illustration that would go on the wall in the principal's office. 

Credits :

Trey Rigdon – AVP, Marketing Director
Lindsey Wagnon – Copywriter
Jonathan McFadden – Copywriter
Mark Brinton – Development Manager
Vick Kumar – Developer
Anthony Montanaro – Developer
Madeline Hodge – Designer
Mandie Spear – Designer
Clay Boan – Designer