Hello, my name is Clay. I'm a designer that is passionate about taking complex challenges and creating simple to use solutions through good design. I love to 
collaborate, balance ux, visual, and bring the design to life.

I'm currently working with the great people at Wray Ward. I also enjoy branding, photography, and illustration.

I'm always interested in hearing about new projects, so if you'd like to chat please get in touch.

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Skookum / Product Designer (Contract)
04/17 – Present

Wray Ward / Designer (Freelance)
04/17 – Present

Design Director / Designer
05/14 – Present

CRAFTED / Designer (Freelance)
10/15 – 03/17

Socialtopias / UX & UI Designer
09/15 – 12/16

Myjive / Visual & Interactive Designer (Intern)

09/14 – 05/15

UNC Charlotte / Designer (Intern)

09/13 – 09/14

District 3 ADDY
Pulse App Commercial – Television

Charlotte ADDY
Pulse App Commercial – Television
Pulse – Integrated Campaigns
Wilber Construction – Logo
Wilber Construction – Packaging
PAIX Magazine – Digital Advertising
Grind – Non-Traditional Advertising

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Area Award in Graphic Design